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Ludo Struyven

Ludo Struyven is the main researcher from Belgium in the INSPIRES project. Together with his team at HIVA - KU Leuven, he was already intensively involved in the process of writing the proposal. As a consequence, he will contribute to the major part of the work packages. ''INSPIRES is meant at providing original empirical socio-political and institutional analyses, beyond conventional economic labour market analyses. It does so because our framework is inspired by theories of the policy process. Innovative policies can be intentional, but it can also be more organic or even un-intended. This approach makes it a highly challenging project.'' Ludo Struyven is Head of the Labour Market Research Group at HIVA (Research Institute for Work and Society) and part-time associate professor in Sociology of Labour and Organisation at the University of Leuven. He is also visiting professor at the French speaking University of Louvain-la-neuve - campus Facultes Universitaires Saint-Louis (FUSL), Brussels. He has a longstanding experience of national and international research dealing with policy evaluation in the field of labour market and employment policies, and sociological research on the design, organisation, implementation and governance of labour market policies in general and employment services and unemployment insurance systems in particular. Struyven is a highly regarded expert on public-private relationships and marketization of training and employment services. He received an honorable mention for the G.A. of Poeljeprijs 2006 for his dissertation on the introduction of market models in employment services in Australia, The Netherlands and Belgium. Of specific relevance for this proposal are his role as an expert in the PES EU 2020 process, aiming at assessing a new common vision for the public employment service throughout Europe in the context of the EU 2020 Strategy (HoPES Network). Furthermore, he participated in a previous network financed by FP6 on Transitional Labour Markets (WZB - Berlin and Amsterdam School for Social Science Research).

Greet Van Dooren

Greet Van Dooren started her academic career in 2009 as a research associate for the Labour Market research group at HIVA-KU Leuven. Her main research themes were: outreach strategies to direct jobseekers to the public employment service (PES) and into work or training; measuring the effects of interventions for unemployed people with a focus on 'soft' outcomes; and 'social activation' of benefit claimants by the Belgian Public Centres for Social Welfare (OCMWs). She participated in the development of a monitoring instrument for W2(work-welfare)-trajectories for unemployed people in poverty at the Flemish PES (VDAB). Furthermore she participated in the development of coaching methods and an evaluation instrument for hard to reach jobless young people as part of the European Social Fund innovation project 'Missing Link'. A recent publication, together with Liesbeth Van Parys and professor Struyven, titled 'Young, jobless and hard to reach. Evidence from nine pilots in the Youth Work Plan in Flanders.' won the Foundation P&V Prize for research on integration of young people excluded by early school leaving and unemployment.

Montserrat Gonzalez

Montserrat Gonzalez completed her PhD in Social Science at the University of Leuven in 2011. Since joining HIVA, she has worked on applied research projects dealing with the mobility of older workers (comparison of the British, Dutch and Finnish models), Personal Development Plans and immigrant integration policies. 

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