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9 oktober 2014

Seminar Italy

During the debate held in Rome during the Professional Advisory Body meeting and National workshop many issues concerning the main features of the Italian labour market emerged.

5 november 2014

UK Engagement Meeting

Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby addressed a meeting of 120 senior policy makers from the Treasury, the revenue authorities, the Departments for Business, Innovation and Skills, Work and Pensions and Education on the work of the UK project on 7 October in the Churchill Room at the Treasury in London. He explained the importance of the concepts of resilience and innovation in relation to policy for vulnerable groups and set out the interim findings of the project.

17 december 2014

Seminar Belgium

Ludo Struyven and Liesbeth Van Parys, both from the Belgian research team, presented on 17 December 2014 in the Social and Economic Council in Brussels their results on inspiring policy innovations.

29 maart 2015

ECPR: 2015 Joint Session

Abstract Deadline: 01-02-2014
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