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Accessible theatre)

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
The Accessible Theatre is a pioneering initiative consisting on a sensorial accessibility programme that guarantees subtitling service, magnetic loop and audiodescription.
Target group
Policy Field
  • education
  • employment
  • equal opportunities
  • social
Type of Policy
  • other
Duration of the policy
Not applicable
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: Structural
  • Budgets: Unspecified
  • Number of intended beneficiaries: Unspecified
  • Spatial coverage: The initiative started in Madrid but it is expanding to other regions
General description of (intended) objectives and strategies
The Accessible Theatre has a double objective: / The inclusion and labour capacitation way for people with disabilities or mental illness. / The creation, promotion and collection of all the existent offer regarding accessible theatre for people with sensorial disabilities. /
Nature of the innovation-short-term perspective
To train people with disabilities or mental illness and provide them labour capacities and the access to a wide cultural range
Nature of the innovation-long-term perspective
To insert people with disabilities or mental illness in the labour market
Type of ideal-typical strategy for the innovation
  • flexicurity
Type of innovation
  • new policy, practice or measure
New outputs
  • services (The initiative opens to leisure and culture for one collective that could not fully enjoy the cultural offer.)
  • training schemes (The initiative includes a training in accessibility and employment for people with disabilities or mental illness linked to the Asociaci¢n Psiquiatr¡a y Vida/Centro de Rehabilitaci¢n Laboral Nueva Vida (Psychiatry and Life /The Labour Rehabilitation Centre New Life).)
Intended target group
Disabled people (especially those with sensorial disabilities) and people with mental illness.
Working age population
  • care responsibilities (care for children [0-16/16+], for elderly or other family members) (Unspecified)
  • educational level (low/medium/high) (Low)
  • employment situation (Unspecified)
  • family situation (married/separated/single) (Irrelevant)
  • income level (low/medium/high) (Unspecified)
  • main source of income: social protection (Unspecified)
Employers-private institutional actors
Aptent Be Accessible and Fundaci¢n Vodafone Espa¤a (Vodafone Spain Foundation)
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
  • private for-profit organisations (commercial) (Vodafone Spain Foundation and Aptent Be Accessible)
  • regional government (Family and Social Affairs Ministry of Community of Madrid)
Intended output
  • training schemes (Training in accessibility and employment for people with disabilities or mental illness linked to the Psychiatry and Life /The Labour Rehabilitation Centre New Life.)
Did the innovation have any outcome related to job quantity?
Some trained disabled people are working inside the project development.People with disabilities are included for working inside the project
Clarification of outcomes in terms of impacting resilience and labour market inclusion
increasing labour inclusion and training programme
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