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Developping an overall strategy and "integrated steering model" (un pilotage int‚gr‚) in relation to third parties in the training and labour market.

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
The project aims to develop a comprehensive strategy and integrated steering model (un pilotage int‚gr‚) in relation with third parties in the training and labour market. This is related to the concept of joint management of the labor market: Forem, as the Wallonian public employment service, does not act alone but also with third parties. This implies, on the one hand, to develop an integrated strategy (internal/external) that addresses the needs of employment and training and on the other, to organize and manage interactions between Forem and third parties.
Target group
Total Population
Policy Field
  • employment
Type of Policy
  • public
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: Structural (eventually)
  • Number of intended beneficiaries: cfr Q5
  • Spatial coverage: regional
General description of (intended) objectives and strategies
Concerning actions with third parties, Forem faces three major challenges: / - A comprehensive and coherent strategy for action with third parties; / - Have the legal, administrative and financial instruments optimizing the management of relationships with third parties; / - Create control instruments to ensure that the means chosen for cooperation with third parties, is both efficient for the job seeker and the most efficient use of public funds. / / These goals will be met through the establishment of an integrated steering function, managed by an instance set up by the new department "Cooperation with third parties." /
Nature of the innovation-long-term perspective
long-term perspective
Type of ideal-typical strategy for the innovation
  • others (collaborative governance)
Type of innovation
  • new form of partnership or cooperation
  • other (new approach to relations with third parties in response to the needs of the labor market and training)
New outputs
  • governance
Clarification of intended mechanisms, outputs and outcomes (optional)
1. Establish a steering body to manage relations with third parties in the field of employment / training; / 2. Organize within the new department "Cooperation with third parties", the management of existing schemes; / 3. Organize the development of policy responses, which are needed to face new political developments and address challenges in the labour and training market; / 4. Initiate methodological support towards any actions with third parties. /
Intended target group
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
    Clarification of the role of various actors
    Cfr Q4
    Intended output
    • governance
    Did the innovation have any outcome related to job quantity?
    Forem organises its relations with third parties so as to optimize the achievement of its goals in the field of employment and training, it is obvious that the results will be linked to these missions. The project, however, is in a development stage.
    Intended and unintended outcomes
    not applicable
    Clarification of outcomes in terms of impacting resilience and labour market inclusion
    In line with the goals of the regional public employment service Forem.
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