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Law 388/2000 National Budget Law for 2001

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
Other measures aimed at reinforcing protection policy system, by: a) raising duration and amount of unemployment benefits (from 30% to 40% reference wage and from 6 to 9 months) for workers over 50; b) exempting employers near to pension that decide to enter into a temporary work delaying at last 2 years retirement from paying compulsory social security contributions; c) experimenting minimun wage at the municipality level; d) empowering actors involved in raising funds to finance long-life training /
Target group
Older Workers
Policy Field
  • education
  • employment
  • pension
  • wage
Type of Policy
  • public
Duration of the policy
Measure a): 2001 only
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: Temporary
  • Budgets: Measure c) 500 billion lira for 2001
  • Spatial coverage: Regional and Sub-Regional
General description of (intended) objectives and strategies
a) and c) improved social security protection; b) reduced undeclared work; c) set up active measures; d) enhanced long-life training /
Nature of the innovation-short-term perspective
Type of ideal-typical strategy for the innovation
  • encompassing security
  • liberalisation
  • others (Training)
Type of innovation
  • new form of partnership or cooperation
  • new policy, practice or measure
  • retrenchment or expansion of an existing/earlier policy
New outputs
  • leave schemes (a new leave scheme )
  • wages (the minimum wage experimentation)
Intended target group
Older workers near to retirement; Unemployed; Poor people; Social actors /
Working age population
  • employment situation (Change employment situation of unemployed)
Employers-private institutional actors
Employers associated in rising funds
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
  • agency or national social insurance body
  • central state
  • municipal government
  • regional government
Intended output
  • governance (Enhance the capacity of local actors to rise funds)
  • leave schemes (New leave schemes)
  • regulation of the labour market (Rearranged unemployment benefits)
  • wages (Experimentation of minimum wage)
Did the innovation have any outcome related to job quantity?
Increase turn-over
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