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Legislative Decree 251-2004 Rules on employment and labour market

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
This Act modified DL 276/2003 by: a) improving sanctions to contrast undeclared jobs and to reduce the distorted use of temporary work, like Apprenticeship, On-call work, Supplementary work and Work-Entry contracts; b) constraining some flexible contracts (in particular Work on Intermittent Basis) to the collective agreements already concluded on the matter /
Target group
Total Population
Policy Field
  • employment
Type of Policy
  • public
Duration of the policy
From 2004 onward modified many time
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: Structural
  • Spatial coverage: National
General description of (intended) objectives and strategies
Constrain the use of temporary job of any kind and contrast undeclared work /
Nature of the innovation-short-term perspective
Type of ideal-typical strategy for the innovation
  • others (Constraining liberalization)
Type of innovation
  • new/changed output and/or outcome
  • retrenchment or expansion of an existing/earlier policy
New outputs
  • regulations of the labour market (A new fram for flexible jobs)
Intended target group
Temporary and atypical workers /
Working age population
  • employment situation (This act is aimed at enhancing the employment situation of atypical workers)
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
  • central state
Intended output
  • regulation of the labour market (A new regulation of the labour market aimed at reducing distortions of liberalization processes)
Did the innovation have any outcome related to job quantity?
A reduction of temporary job and the raise of open-end work are expected
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