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Job seeker benefit and job seeker aid

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
Part of the •making work payĆ policy: The law provides for the job-seeker benefit to be paid for maximum 90 days, and the allowance equals 60% of previous contribution base, but the amount cannot be higher than 100% of the minimum wage (i.e. HUF 101,500).
Target group
Total Population
Policy Field
  • employment
Type of Policy
  • public
Duration of the policy
Starting date: 2011
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: structural
  • Budgets: not interpreted
  • Number of intended beneficiaries: Approximately 500 thousand people
  • Spatial coverage: national
General description of (intended) objectives and strategies
Partly austerity measure, partly creating incentive for unemployed to work. Unfortunately the Hungarian economy has not recovered yet and as a consequence of that there is not enough job. Public work suitable to improve unemployment statistics, but it gives mostly temporary work and very low income, so there are no real alternatives for unemployed.
Nature of the innovation-long-term perspective
long term
Type of ideal-typical strategy for the innovation
  • typical strategy for the innovation (optional; according to Obinger)-liberalisation
Type of innovation
  • retrenchment or expansion of an existing/earlier policy
New outputs
  • benefit duration
  • benefit eligibility
  • benefit level
Intended target group
Working age population
  • care responsibilities (care for children [0-16/16+], for elderly or other family members)
  • employment situation (please specify: e.g. typical work/atypical/unemployed) (unemployed)
  • main source of income: social protection (please specify; e.g. unemployment benefits/disability benefits/social assistance/other benefits) (unemployment benefit)
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
  • making/implementation and/or evaluation-agency or national social insurance body
  • making/implementation and/or evaluation-central state
Intended output
  • benefit level
Intended and unintended outcomes
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