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Vouchers for the reconciliation of family & work life

Country of implementation
General short description of the innovation
Use of voucher schemes for the finance of caring services to children of employees in the private sector and unemployed women who seek for a job. Eligible women enroll their children for caring in accredited kindergartens who accept as fees vouchers which correspond to flat-rate payment depended on the kind of caring services.
Target group
Total Population
Policy Field
  • equal opportunities
  • family
  • social
Type of Policy
  • public
Duration of the policy
Scope of innovation
  • Scope: temporary
  • Budgets: 149,000,000
  • Number of intended beneficiaries: 75
  • Spatial coverage: national
Nature of the innovation-long-term perspective
employed women in public sector and municipalities are excluded from this provision
Type of innovation
  • new policy, practice or measure
New outputs
  • governance
  • subsidies/tax-credits
Intended target group
Working parents and unemployed women who seek for work
Actors involved in policy-making/implementation and/or evaluation
  • agency or national social insurance body
  • beneficiaries/users
  • employees (organised or individual)
  • employers (organised or individual)
  • municipal government
  • private for-profit organisations (commercial)
  • private not-for-profit organisations (e.g. Third Sector organisation or NGO)
  • supra/extra national organisations
Intended output
  • governance
  • subsidies/tax-credits
Clarification of outcomes in terms of impacting resilience and labour market inclusion
/ Reconciling family and working life for less privileged partners /
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