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11 augustus 2016

Policy report presenting outcomes of a virtual Policy Delphi

The Policy Delphi within the INSPIRES project is built around the basic concepts of the project and asked an international group of experts to discuss policy implications of these. The survey is organized around three main themes: the perception of labour market resilience, the perception of policy innovations in the period of 2000-2012 and the role of the European Union in facilitating potential policy solutions until 2030. 

18 juli 2016

European Policy Brief: differences in labour market positions

The financial crisis that hit the world economies in 2008 and its effect across the spectrum of European economies is being felt until today. These impacts have resulted in the decline of economic activity and also in the deterioration of employment figures. However, not all European countries have been exposed to the impact of the crisis with the same severity and intensity, indicating that some labour markets have been more responsive to the economic downturn than others.

27 juni 2016

Related News - Young people and the labour market: a tale of two NEET's

Those suffering the most from the great recession of 2009 were arguably young people. Many of those leaving school to enter the world of work saw their chances on the labour market dramatically reduced. From 2008 to 2013, the employment rate for the 15-24 age group dropped from 37.3% to 32.1%. Over the same period, the unemployment rate increased from 15.9% to reach the historical peak of 23.7% in 2013.

23 juni 2016

Did you know? Bulgaria is the most resilient country in terms of unemployment

Click here if you want to read the full report of D1.3 “The INSPIRES Benchmark Report - Labour market resilience in Europe”

9 september 2015

Two calls for papers (deadlines in October and November 2015)

New opportunities are arising for INSPIRES' researchers and affiliates to share their research efforts. Social Policy and Administration will celebtrate its 50th anniversary with a free conference in Birmingham on April 1th, 2016 (Birmingham, United Kingdom) and invites proposals for papers looking backward and forward in social policy. The organization of the IPSA conference (July 23-28 2016, Istanbul Turkey) is especially interested in submissions from the INSPIRES team for a panel on policy learning.
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