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26 februari 2013

New Ph.D. researcher INSPIRES: Magdalena Bigos

New Ph.D. researcher INSPIRES: Magdalena Bigos Recently Magdalena Bigos joined the INSPIRES team at Erasmus University. Magdalena Bigos is 30 years old and was born in Poland. She joined the project as a PhD student at the Department of Sociology...

Magdalena joined the project as a PhD student at the Department of Sociology. Her research focuses on the labour market position of vulnerable groups, such as youth, ethnic minorities, and disabled people. She will analyse and explain the differences in the consequences of the current economic crisis for this groups.

Magdalena has a background in Economics (Katowice School of Economics) and Cultural Anthropology (University of Wroclaw). Before moving to the Netherlands she has been working for a few years in England and Spain. She holds a Master's degree (MSc) in Political Science from VU University Amsterdam with a specialization in International Relations and Transnational Governance. Her thesis research, entitled ''Heading towards West- Catching up or falling behind?'' aimed to investigate the migration-development nexus in the context of the eastern enlargement of the European Union. Together with her former supervisor, Prof. Dr.  Barbara Vis,  she has been working on publishing her thesis as a journal article.

Magdalena's research interest include linkages between globalisation and broader processes of human development, labour market restructuring in Europe, international mobility and transnationalism in the times of  global economic crisis. She is very motivated to participate in the INSPIRES research. 'It's a big project with an international nature. Also I find the topic very relevant, especially because of the economic crisis. I hope that the output of the research can contribute to the larger policy debate and will be relevant in practice, to make improvements.'
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