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27 mei 2013

Developments of the INSPIRES research

The Erasmus University team has been working on WorkPackage 1, containing 3 goals. The first goal is to provide a literature review on resilience. Second goal is to define and operationalize labour market resilience. To provide a list of factors and conditions affecting LMR is the third goal. 

Weys Qaran & Magdalena Bigos 
have more or less finalized the first goal. ''We performed a multidisciplinary literature review and from the review we identified 4 categories of key concepts'', Weys says. These concepts form the basis for the conceptualization of LMR (second goal). So, the second goal is also about to be finalized. Based on the key concepts Magdalena & Weys have build an initial LMR 'conceptual model'. ''In line with this model, we also discuss the varieties of capitalism approach in order to understand the labour market resilience by placing the European labour markets on the continuum  of liberal market economies (competitive model) and coordinated market economies (cooperative model)''. May 14 the Erasmus colleagues discussed the progress of WP1 in Leuven with the UNIURB team and the team from the KU Leuven

Weys Qaran
: ''The past four months this paper has been in a state of permanent change, as we are constantly seeking to adjust and improve the structure and quality of the paper by using scientific creativity''.

Furthermore, the teams are working hard to achieve the third and last goal of WP1 of the INSPIRES research and to perfect the overall structure of the paper. Last but not least, this paper will be presented at the ESPAnet conference (sept. 5-7 2013 in Pozan, Poland).

Polibienestar is working on the first steps to start WorkPackage 2 of the INSPIRES project in June 2013. The team is preparing a common framework to be used to design the methodology in WorkPackage 2. The WorkPackage leaders of WP1 have already exchanged some draft documents which can be used in the development of this framework. The team of Polibienestar expects to have a draft of this framework at the end of May 2013.

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