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3 december 2014

Synthetic Report

The synthetic report is available now. It is a comparative cross-national analysis of policy innovation related to the inclusiveness and resilience of labour markets in Europe. We are working on a combined paper of the synthetic report and the catalogue of policy innovations. This document will be available on our website in time. Furthermore a database in under construction in which all innovations will be categorised.

This synthetic report forms part of Work Package 3 of the project, which includes the collection of national data on policy innovations that will be available in an online searchable database, and the
drafting of 12 national reports describing the national contexts of the innovations as well as an assessment of relevant trends in innovation and their outcomes. Drawing together the collected material the report provides an analysis of common and diverging trends in European policy innovation that can be related to labour market resilience. It also gives an idea of different types of innovations along these trends, of contexts in which innovations are implemented, of challenges limiting innovation capacity as well as of the impact on innovations, particularly on vulnerable groups.
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