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24 oktober 2013

Progress Update

During the conference in Poznan, the INSPIRES consortium gathered for the first General Assembly since the kickoff meeting in Rotterdam. The progress and plans for WP1, WP2 and WP3 have been discussed. All parties started with arranging their own responsibilities within the project. Below a summary is given of the progress of WP1, WP2 and WP3.

D1.1 has been uploaded on our website. During the conference in Poznan last month Weys Qaran gave a presentation about the first deliverable. This week Menno will present the review essay (D1.1) to the scientific officer from the European Commission. Magdalena & Weys also continue to work on D1.2, which contains a full dataset for analysing labour market resilience. 

Weys Qaran: ''We are making progress and soon D1.2 will be finalised as well. Moreover, within a few weeks we will run a first analysis (D1.3) based on our data.''

Since July 2013 Polibienestar Research Institute (University of Valencia), together with KU Leuven and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, have been working to develop the Milestone 2 of the INSPIRES project. This milestone is the first product of work package 2 (WP2) that has as main objective to analyse and explain the impact of the current economic and financial crisis on the labour market position of vulnerable groups in the INSPIRES countries in detail and account for differences between countries and between groups based on qualitative explanations.

The first step in WP 2 is formulating a common framework for the analysis of the labour market position of vulnerable groups and the factors that affect it as they have appeared from the analysis in WP1 and will serve as a guide for the national research in the eleven countries of the consortium.

The template presents the main definitions and concepts to be considered in the national data collection based on the work undertaken in WP1 as well as the sources to carry out the national data collection and the structure that will be used to generate the eleven National Reports (Deliverables 2.1). The template also proposes the profiles of the experts, social partners and representative of vulnerable groups to be interviewed during this WP and the questionnaire to be used in those interviews.

In the following months the partners participating in WP2 will carry out the interviews and desk research about the situation of youth, elderly, migrants, disabled people and other relevant vulnerable groups in their countries to analyse the labour market position before and after the economic crisis. These reports will be used to carry out a comparative analysis that allows us to explain the impact of the economic and financial crisis in the position of vulnerable groups in each country.

Work package 3 (WP3) is now well under-way. We have identified software which will enable national INSPIRES teams to enter data on labour market innovations in their own countries, Qualtrics. Discussions with all INSPIRES partners on the topics to be covered in the WP3 study and the detailed questions which would generate precise and unambiguous data concluded at the project meeting at the ESPAnet conference in Poznan. Now, we press on with the real work, charting the various initiatives pursued in the 11 INSPIRES countries and studying them in sufficient detail so that the data on which much of the project rests can be gathered. This will include material on the effectiveness of and outcomes from labour market innovations, where such information is available, as well as descriptions of the innovative policies, of the groups they are intended to affect and how they interact with other aspects of national labour markets and social policies. 

The work package will also gather background material on the national context in which these policies fit in collaboration with work package two, which also deals with the national level of analysis. INSPIRES will bring this material together in 11 national reports and in a synthetic report. It will also establish a user-friendly website, which will contain a searchable database of policy innovations in the various countries. We anticipate that this searchable database and the various reports as well as a catalogue of policy innovations will be a useful tool for the policy community in its search for policies to promote resilient and inclusive labour markets for the INSPIRES target groups.

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