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22 mei 2014

Euro Zone Economy Continues to Expand, Survey Suggests

By the Inspires editors:

The euro zone economy is continuing its steady, albeit slow, expansion, according to a private sector report Thursday that showed Germany again driving the region. The article from The New York Times can be found here.

12 mei 2014

Progress Update

The INSPIRES consortium has worked on WP1 & WP2. In a short period of time our first findings will be published...

30 april 2014

Jobs are the key for inclusive growth

By the Inspires editors:

Despite repeated signals that growth is resuming, unemployment or under-employment in low-paid jobs remain stubbornly high in many countries.
Promoting sustained job creation is now the defining challenge of many governments around the world. Especially in Europe young people experience the effects of the crisis. Almost 1 out of 4 is unemployed in this group. Have a look at this interesting article about unemployment and how inclusive growth could be realised.

12 april 2014

Europe's New Welfarism

By the INSPIRES editors:

Welfare policies are primarily geared towards the idea of getting people into paid employment. There is merit in this, but there are a also a number of issues

Throughout Europe and at the EU level the dominant theme in welfare policy is mobilisation into paid work. The length of working life is being extended as retirement ages rise, benefit regimes increasingly assume that more and more disabled people can take a job, single parent benefits are built round paid work and governments expand child-care on the assumption that more and more women will be in full-time paid work.  

Click here for the full article, written by Peter Taylor Gooby.

31 maart 2014

Undeclared Work: A Widespread Problem

By the INSPIRES editors: 

A survey on undeclared work shows that undeclared work is still a widespread problem in the European Union. The survey was done in the 28 countries of the EU. 11% of the respondents admit that tey have bought goods or services involving undeclared work in the previous year. For all the findings and the whole essay click here.

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