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18 februari 2014

Social Agenda: Youth Employment

By the INSPIRES editors:

Youth employment is one of the main issues the European Union faces today. The new social agenda has been released. It highlights the need for a new approach to employment, social and inclusion policy to promote youth employtment. The agenda and more information can be found here.

16 februari 2014

Europe's new welfarism: The intensification of work 'at all costs'?

By the Inspires editors:

Peter Taylor-Gooby has published an article on The article is about the negatives sides which occur when welfare policies are focussed on getting people into paid employment. Some issues are discussed, read the article here.

10 februari 2014

'Biggest job in Europe is reforming labour markets'

By the INSPIRES editors:

The Financial Times wrote last week an article about the continually high level of unemployment in European countries. These unemployment rates are not only related to the financial and economic crisis, but have especially to do with 'European' context matters like high income taxes, rigid labour legislation, inflexible labour contracts, etc. Read the article in the Financial Times here.

5 februari 2014

Secretary General calls for better protection of social rights in times of austerity

By the INSPIRES editors:

The Secretary General calls for better protection of social rights in times of austerity. Thorbjorn Jagland has urged European governments and international organisations to pay greater attention to social and economic rights when implementing austerity measures. Read the article here.

 President Nazarbayev met Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland


27 januari 2014

Has the welfare state been reinvented?

European welfare states have a tradition in compensating for social risks. But across Europe, remarkable transformations may be observed that shift the focus from a needs/rights based compensatory approach towards a more individualistic social risk management approach to welfare... Read the article here.

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